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Campus Safety

Campus Emergency Website

你可以访问韦伯的紧急通知网站 www.webberemergency.com.
在这里,您将找到有关影响韦伯国际大学学生的紧急情况的最新更新, faculty, and staff.

Campus Emergency Alerting

韦伯国际大学以其校园安全而自豪. But emergencies can happen any time, any place. As part of our commitment to campus safety, 韦伯国际大学安装了最先进的校园警报系统,采用联邦信号公司的Eclipse 8警报器(安装在教学楼后面的高杆上)。. 我们用Omniliert的群发短信和电子邮件通知系统补充警报,向订阅设备发送紧急消息.

然而,没有任何预警系统可以取代常识和态势感知, and while no system is foolproof, in the event of a very serious emergency, we will activate our campus warning system. 除了我们每周三下午2点的每周测试, 你是应该听到警笛还是收到短信, you need to take immediate action.

Siren Alert Types

因为学生们有时会冒险离开电脑和手机, 我们主要的非火灾紧急通知设备是联邦信号Eclipse 8警报器(安装在教学楼后面的高杆上)。. 该设备可能会产生三种不同的警告:

  • 快速哀号1分钟:这表示严重的紧急情况,如武装入侵者或龙卷风目击. 不管发生了什么,情况很严重,你们必须尽快到达安全地带. We recommend that you get inside, lock doors, stay away from doors and windows, stay low, and await further instructions. 这应该伴随着Omnilert生成的紧急文本消息发送到订阅的设备.
  • 静音15秒:这是解除警报的信号. 这表明紧急情况已经过去,现在可以安全恢复正常活动了. 这应该伴随着一个Omnilert生成的全清除文本消息发送到订阅的设备.
  • Slow wail for 15 seconds: System test. Scheduled for Wednesdays at 2:00 pm. No action is required.

Important: 联邦信号Eclipse 8警报器不是,也不应该与火灾警报混淆. 一旦发生火灾,将使用火灾报警系统. 火警启动后,如安全,应立即离开建筑物. Listen to the fire alarm simulation below.

Subscribe to Messaging

Webber takes Emergency Preparedness seriously. 我们希望你知道当紧急情况发生时该怎么做. 为了确保我们学生的安全和保障, staff, and faculty; we have teamed up with Omnilert mass emergency notifications. When you sign up, 我们将发送信息到已注册的手机, wireless PDAs, pagers, and/or e-mail addresses. 此外,电子邮件信息可以发送到所有韦伯学生、工作人员和教员的电子邮件地址.

要注册,请点击下面的链接,创建一个账户,并填写所有信息. 然后系统会在你注册的所有平台上提醒你.

You can also sign up by texting WEBBER to 79516

Frequently Asked Questions

Get inside. Lock doors. Stay away from doors and windows. Stay low. Await further instructions. 如果您订阅了即时通讯服务,请注意, you should receive a Nixle generated message, 详细说明了警报被激活的原因, shortly after the siren activates.

Is this a test?
除非是在周三下午两点,你听到一声15秒的缓慢哀号. 如果有必要在这段时间之外测试系统,我们会有很多通知. 除非你确定这是一个测试,否则你应该把它当作真实的.

这个系统是否取代了常识和良好的判断? Is it foolproof?
No and no. This system makes us sleep better at night. And, it is as good as systems like these get. But things break. Things happen quickly. 和世界上其他任何地方一样,你必须锻炼态势感知和常识.

Get inside. Lock doors. Stay away from doors and windows. Stay low. We await further instructions. 如果您订阅了即时通讯服务,请注意, 您应该会收到Omnilert生成的消息, 详细说明了警报被激活的原因, shortly after the siren activates.