校友的持续支持, 父母, and friends continues to advance the 大学 to higher levels of excellence.

在韦伯最需要的地方给予支持. 给年度基金捐一份礼物, and 韦伯 will be able to use your donation immediately to support our most urgent needs.

As a private 大学, 韦伯 depends on the philanthropic support of the community it serves. 因为单靠学费是维持不了大学的, all donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to continue a tradition of academic excellence.

年度基金是校友的主要手段, 父母, 教师, 工作人员, 和朋友为大学提供经济支持. 该基金为学术奖学金提供资金, (即奖学金, 学术项目, 校园的改进, 教学卓越, 以及师资发展.

捐赠s to the 韦伯 Annual Fund are tax-deductible and you can choose from several gift options – give or pledge now, 做一年或多年的承诺, 或者通过信用卡或银行借记卡每月定期送一份礼物.

The latter two plans are easy ways to maximize the power of your giving while increasing the return to 韦伯. Even larger gifts are manageable when you give incrementally over a period of time. 也, 通过参与承诺计划, 你有助于减少纸张和邮资成本, 这能确保你的钱花得更远.

Remember that 韦伯 国际 大学 is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit private university, 所以你的礼物是免税的. If you would like more information on how you can further support 韦伯, please contact 瑞安里斯.


韦伯 国际 大学’s mission is to offer 学生 an array of business, 文理学院, and pre-professional programs of study that create a life-transforming educational opportunity that is practical in its application… As we look at our guiding principle it is imperative the institution creates and maintains a collaborative and highly engaged learning environment through classroom renovations.

牢记我们的使命, the Department of Student Advancement is pleased to announce our 2022-2023 教室推广计划(CAD)! CAD将专注于所有教室的改造和升级. 这包括但不限于新油漆, 新地板, 窗口的治疗方法, 创新的桌椅, 电脑, and high-speed Wi-Fi all with the intent to promote academic success in the classroom.

The continuous improvements that 韦伯 国际 大学 is making to both its programs and its facilities illustrate the school’s commitment to the higher education of the student body. 除了高质量的教育, 我们的目标是看到韦伯学生在学术和运动上的成长. However, the institution cannot do it without the support of our alumni and friends of 韦伯.

The institution turns to you for support, and we ask that you partner with us to serve our mission. 韦伯 is a not-for-profit university that benefits from the support of our alumni and friends. 您的支持对于CAD等项目是至关重要的. Currently, we are seeking donations to assist with the renovation of our classrooms. Donors that adopt a classroom will have exclusive naming rights to that room. Additionally, donors have the option to provide smaller gifts for resources of their choice.

如需进一步讨论,请联系金先生. 瑞安里斯有任何问题. reisrj@somefantasticzine.net



There’s no better time than now to show your support for 韦伯 国际 大学. 这是因为当你使用这些网站在网上购物时, up to 20% of what you spend can be automatically donated to our university – at no cost to you! 你也可以省钱,所以不要等着开始! Just select 韦伯 国际 大学 as your favorite cause then enjoy thousands of coupons and deals while helping us equip tomorrow’s leaders. 就这么简单!



年度捐赠总监 & 校友事务


韦伯发展部门在这里等你! Feel free to contact us if you have questions about other ways you can give back to our university.

1201 N. 风景优美的号.


留下你的印记! 校友, 学生, and friends of 韦伯 国际 大学 are invited to leave their mark on the 韦伯 campus through the purchase of a personalized engraved brick to be displayed in our flag plaza.

Your brick will be part of the beautifully re-designed 国际 Flag plaza, 就在格蕾丝和罗杰·巴布森图书馆外面, 以历史悠久的罗杰斯花岗岩纪念碑为中心. 你的名字, 刻在一块砖上,放在广场上, will symbolize the spirit you felt when you were at 韦伯—the same spirit still present on the campus today!

Order your brick today, and invest in the future of 韦伯 国际 大学. 如需更多信息,请联系 瑞安里斯.


现在就去拿韦伯国际大学的特色餐盘吧. The license plates are a great way to display your WIU pride and support the institution all at once. You can learn more about the specialty tags through your local Tax Collector’s Office.


特色车牌是很好的礼物! The State of Florida has a specialty license plate gift certificate program. 给勇士骄傲的礼物!